Sure Cure For Croup

- Boil pigs' feet in water, without salt, and let it stand over night; in the morning skim off the fat (which will be formed in a cake on top), put in a tin pan, boil until all water is evaporated; bottle, and keep for use. Give a tea-spoon every fifteen minutes on the appearance of the first symptoms, and apply freely to chest and throat, rubbing well. A celebrated physician says that,a child can not have the croup if pigs' feet oil is administered at the first symptoms. Or, warm a tea-spoon with a little lard in it or goose grease; thicken with sugar, and give it to the child; it may produce vomiting, which is always desirable, thus breaking up the membrane that is forming. Apply lard or goose grease to throat and chest, with raw cotton or flannel. Care should be taken, removing only a small piece at a time of these extra wraps to prevent taking cold.

For Rheumatism

(Internal remedy.) - Three drams iodide of potash, dissolved in one-half pint of hot water. Take a table-spoonful three times a day, and drink lemonade at intervals between.

(External remedy. Liniment - Two ounces tincture arnica, one ounce camphor, one ounce belladonna, one ounce cannabis indica, one-half ounce aconite (if neuralgia), one-half ounce oil hemlock, one-half ounce wormwood, one-half ounce sassafras (if there are humors), one-fourth ounce origanum, one-fourth ounce tar (if there are sores), one-fourth ounce cajeput, one-eighth ounce peppermint, one-fourth ounce chloroform, six ounces aqua ammonia. Wet a flannel with this liniment, and rub the parts affected; or place the flannel over the rheumatic part, and cover it with thick paper, and place near it a warm brick. Immediate relief will be obtained,

Hot Water As Medicine

Consumptives and dyspeptics find great relief in drinking, or rather slowly sipping, hot water an hour before eating. It should be as hot as it can be taken. Sips of hot water are also good where the stomach is weak, as in convalescence after illness. In a severe case of dyspepsia, the patient began by taking six teaspoons of hot water three times a day, and has gradually increased the amount with the greatest benefit. Hot water is also excellent in cases of sick stomach, and may be taken when no nourishment of any kind can be retained in the stomach.

Mullein For Consumption

The leaves and flowers of the common mullein have cured consumption. Make a strong tea of the fresh or dried leaves (best when gathered from plants in blossom) and drink freely. Continue from three to six months, according to the severity of the disease. This remedy is "good for the blood" also, building up the system, making good blood, and taking away the inflammation from the lungs.

For A Cough

Simmer together one ounce pressed mullein and one-half ounce hoarhound in a quart soft water till strength is extracted (add more water if necessary); strain and add one pint Orleans molasses. Dose - one tablespoonful three times a day.