Sweet-milk Gems

Beat one egg well, add a pint new milk, a little salt, and Graham flour until it will drop off the spoon nicely; heat and butter the gem-pans before dropping in the dough; bake in a hot oven twenty minutes. - Mrs. It. L. Partridge.

Graham Muffins

Two cups of sour milk, two table-spoons brown sugar, a little salt, one tea-spoon soda, sufficient Graham flour to make moderately stiff. If not convenient to use sour milk, use sweet, adding cream of tartar. - Mrs. U. B. Sherman.

Steamed Oat-meal

To one tea-cup oat-meal add one quart cold water, tea-spoon salt, put in steamer over a kettle of cold water, and steam one hour and a half after meal begins to cook.

Cracked Wheat

Two quarts salted water to two cups best white winter wheat; boil two or three hours in a custard-kettle: Or, soak over night and boil at least three-fourths of an hour: Or, put boiling water in a pan or small tin bucket, set on stove, stir in wheat, set in steamer and steam four hours: Or, make a strong sack of thick muslin or drilling, moisten wheat with cold water, add a little salt, place in sack, leaving half the space for wheat to swell in. Fit a round sheet of tin, perforated with holes half an inch in diameter, to the inside of ordinary kettle, so that it will rest two or three inches from the bottom; lay sack on the tin, put in water enough to reach tin, and boil from three to four hours, supplying water as it evaporates. Serve with butter and syrup, or cream and sugar. When cold, slice and fry; or warm with a little milk and salt in a pan greased with a little butter; or make in griddle-cakes with a batter of eggs, milk, and a little flour, and pinch of salt.

Fine White Hominy Or Grits

Take two cups to two quarts salted water, soak over night, and boil three quarters of an hour in a custard kettle; serve with milk and sugar, or when cold slice and fry.

Alabama Rice Fritters

Four eggs beaten very light, one pint milk, one cup boiled rice, three tea-spoons baking-powder in one quart flour; make into a batter; drop by spoonfuls into boiling lard. Sauce: One pound of sugar, one and a half cups water, stick of cinnamon; boil until clear. - "Ruth Royal" Atlanta, Ga.

Apple Fritters

Make a batter in proportion of one cup sweet milk to two cups flour, a heaping tea-spoon baking powder, two eggs beaten separately, one table-spoon sugar, and salt-spoon salt; heat the milk a little more than milk-warm, add slowly to the beaten yolks and sugar, then add flour and whites of eggs; stir all together, and throw in thin slices of good sour apples, dipping the batter up over them; drop in boiling lard in large spoonfuls with piece of apple in each, and fry to a light brown. Serve with maple syrup or a nice syrup made of sugar. - Mrs. James Henderson.

Clam Fritters

Take raw clams, chopped fine, and make a batter with juice, an equal quantity of sweet milk, four eggs to each pint of liquid, and flour sufficient to stiffen; fry like other fritters. - Mrs. H. B. S.