Tea Cake

One quart flour, one cup sour milk, one tea-spoon soda, one-half pound lard, one-half pound chopped raisins or currants; roll two inches thick and bake in a quick oven; split open, butter, and eat while hot. - Mrs. Canby

Breakfast Rolls

Mix the dough in the evening, according to directions in the recipe for " Bread Raised Once;" add a table-spoon of butter, and set where it will be a little warm until morning; cut off pieces, and carefully shape them into rolls of the desired size by rolling them between the hands, but do not knead them; dip the sides of each into drawn butter when they are shaped, and place them in the baking-pan (the butter prevents their sticking together when baked, and they will be smooth and perfect when separated). Rub them over the top with drawn butter, and dust a little fine salt over the top; set in a warm place, and they will quickly rise ready for baking. These are delicious.

Long Breakfast Rolls

Three and one-half cups sweet milk, one cup butter and lard mixed in equal proportions, one cup potato yeast, flour enough to make into dough. Let rise over night; in the morning add one beaten egg. Knead thoroughly, and let rise again. With the hands, make into balls as large as a small hen's egg; then roll between the hands to make long rolls (about three inches), place close together in even rows in the pans. Let rise until light, and bake delicately.

Coffee Rolls

Work into a quart of bread dough a rounded table-spoon of butter, and a half tea-cup of white sugar; add some dried currants (well washed and dried in the oven), sift some flour and sugar over them, work into the other ingredients, make into small rolls, dip into melted butter, place in tins, let rise a short time, and bake.

Dinner Or French Rolls

Make dough as directed in recipe for "Long Breakfast Rolls," make into balls as large as a medium-sized hen's egg} place on a well-floured board, flour a small rolling-pin (three-quarters of an inch in diameter), press down so as nearly to divide each ball of dough in the center, place in baking-pans so as not to touch each other, grease the space made by the rolling pin with melted butter, let rise until light, and bake. These rolls are so small and bake so quickly, that they have the delicious sweet taste of the wheat. Some grease the hands with butter while making the rolls. Bread dough, by adding the other ingredients, may be used for these rolls.

Egg Rolls

Two tea-cups sweet milk, two eggs, a little salt, three and a half scant cups of sifted flour. Bake in hot gem-pans. - Mrs. L. S. W., Jamestown, N. Y.

Every-day Rolls

Take a piece of bread dough on baking day, when molded out the last time, about enough for a small loaf, spread out a little, add one egg, two table-spoons of sugar, and three-fourths cup of lard; add a little flour and a small tea-spoon soda if the least bit sour; mix well, let rise, mold into rolls or biscuits, set to rise again, and they will be ready for the oven in twenty or thirty minutes.