Tea Or Coffee Strainer

This is applied or detached in a moment, being held in place by a spring, as shown in cut, inserted in the spout. The strainer separates the dregs from the tea or coffee as it is poured. They are made to fit any coffee or tea-pot. The solid rim is of pure britannia, and is easily kept clean and bright. A similar strainer is made to attach in faucets.

Dish Covers

- The best way to keep flies at bay is to screen all the windows of the house, and never relax vigilance in fighting them while the sultry weather lasts; but to those who can not do this, wire dish covers are a precious boon. They are made of several sizes, adapted to the varying sizes of dishes, and are not costly, and with care will last a long time.

Wire Egg Stands - for holding eggs while being boiled and afterward for the table. By using this all risk of breaking the eggs when dropping them into the boiling water or fishing them out is avoided. The eggs are all put in and all removed at the same time, insuring uniformity in cooking. When a part are to be cooked longer than the rest, they can be put in first, and those cooked less afterwards, and all removed together. To cool the shells the stand with eggs can be dipped for an instant in cold water. These stands are made in several sizes, holding from four to twelve eggs.

Ribbed Polisher

- The ribbed polisher, for polishing shirt bosoms, collars, cuffs, etc., is said to surpass the smooth-faced irons in the ease with which it gives the fine and much desired gloss to the "men's folks" linen.

Dish Drainer

- After washing dishes, if before wiping the dishes are placed in drainer, and clean, hot water poured over them, it removes the disagreeable odor of the dish water, and gives them a clean, polished appearance. Besides, the drainer will save breakages in wiping, as after rinsing the dishes are not slippery. The bottom is spaced so as to hold plates upright as represented in cut. The drainer may also be used as a bread-cooler, and the same frame, lined with pretty material, makes a nice family work basket,

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Barbed Pickle Fork

- This is intended for removing pickles and olives from deep jars or large bottles. The barbed tines make sure of holding a pickle every time.

The Ford Dish Drain

This consists of two separate articles - a neat, strong wire basket, with a smaller basket inside, and a drip-pan. The smaller dishes are set on edge in the small basket, and the longer ones between the two, there being space enough below the basket in the drip-pan to hold the water which drains off. To rinse with hot water the basket with dishes in it may be removed from pan to sink, hot water poured over them, and then returned to pan to drain. This drain was the invention of a woman, and its' convenience shows that she knew what she wanted.