Rats are very sharp to spy out traps. Any trap that has caught one without being deodorized is not likely to catch another, and old ones are hard to catch by any sort of trap. The best method, however, is to fill a common wash boiler one-third full of water, and sprinkle over the surface a few handfuls of oats. These will float on the surface and look like a tempting feast, but the rat that ventures in is drowned. By placing a block of wood in the center large enough to float.one rat, its cries will often call more in. This trap will prove effective when others fail.

To Renew Stained Floors - that have grown a little dull, rub thoroughly with beeswax and turpentine. Repeat this whenever they need it.

To Clean Varnished Furniture, there is nothing so good as a woolen rag dampened in spirits of turpentine. This takes all the dust and cloud from carvings and panels. When they have been thoroughly cleaned with the turpentine, go over the surface again with a bit of flannel dipped in linseed oil, rubbing it well into the wood.