When plants are frosted sprinkle with fresh cold water, and place under a box or something that will exclude the light and prevent too great a change in temperature. Keep them thus for two days. After sprinkling, be careful to put them where they will not chill again. Horse-manure, two years old, is best for carnations. For begonias good drainage is indispensable. The whole family thrive in a compost of one-half loam and one-half leaf-mold with a slight portion of sand. From September to February give pelargoniums only enough water to keep them from wilting; then water freely, and when they begin to bud, apply a little liquid-manure, or add ammonia to the water twice a week. Double geraniums should be kept in small pots, as they will not bloom well until the roots become compact. They require a higher temperature than the single varieties. During warm weather, the foliage of fuchsias should be well sprinkled every evening to prevent its becoming seared too early. To obtain plants of the greatest beauty in form and color, plenty of light and space is essential. Do not allow the foliage of one plant to overshadow another. - Mrs. Prof. F. Wood.