Professor Erasmus Wilson, of London, who is authority on the subject, condemns the washing of hair; but advises that it should be kept clean by brushing, this being a more effective stimulant than water. In cases of ordinary falling out of the hair, he prescribes the following: Liquid ammonia, almond oil, and chloroform, of each one part, diluted with five parts of alcohol or spirits of rosemary, which can be made fragrant by the addition of a drachm of the essential oil of lemons. The head should undergo a thorough friction with the hair-brush, after which the lotion may be applied. It may be diluted, if necessary, and can be applied daily or otherwise.

For removing scurf, he advises a lotion of borax and glycerine, two drachms of each to eight ounces of distilled water. This is cooling, and allays dryness of the skin.

In cases of baldness, a lotion of the following can be used with effect: Camphor, ammonia, chloroform and aconite, in equal parts, to be rubbed on the bare place daily, or twice a day.

A barber recommends ladies to have their hair shampooed once a month. This will bring out the natural luster, soften it, clear it of dust, and rob it of that musty smell which comes of having long hair wound up closely for any length of time. It will also remove that itching of the head which some ladies find so troublesome.