Excessive wiping, snuffing, and blowing, especially in children, deforms the nose, and should be practiced only when necessary for cleanliness. A nose leaning to one side, caused by wiping in one direction, may be cured by using the handkerchief with the other hand, or by wearing occasionally an instrument surgeons employ for that purpose. Large, fleshy noses are reduced by wearing at night a contrivance which compresses the artery that supplies the nose. Red noses become so by exposure to heat or the sun, by alcoholic drinks, or by a debility of the blood-vessels of the skin. The latter cause is removed by gentle friction and cold bathing of the feet.

The Bath - Not only promotes cleanliness, but is a tonic. The skin does one-third of the work of breathing, and if the myriad of pores are closed, the lungs are overburdened, or else the work is left undone. The tonic effect is caused by the contraction of the surface blood-vessels, driving the blood back to the larger blood-vessels and the heart, bringing on a reaction which rushes the blood back to the skin, causing a glow, freer respiration and more vigorous action of the whole muscular system. A sponge or hand bath are the simplest forms, and should be taken in a moderately warm room. As a rule, the more rapidly a bath is taken the better, and it should always be followed by friction with the hand or with a not too rough towel.