Tile Easels

- A very neat con-trivance for holding ornamented tile is an easel of white wire, and is represented in one of the accompanying cuts; in the other it bears the tile. Nothing neater or better suited to the purpose could be d e-vised. The very beautiful decorated tiles, now so easily obtained, may thus be made appropriate and effective ornaments for tables, mantels, etc.

Household ConveniencesTile Easels 95

Hangers For Plaques

It is not easy to find a safe and convenient way of hanging up the beautifully ornamented plaques, now so much in fashion. One of the cuts given here shows an ingenious and cheap hanger, and the other the hanger in use. They explain themselves.

Household ConveniencesHangers For Plaques 97

A Match Safe

Most people think any kind of a match safe will do, and matches are placed in all sorts of receptacles, exposed to all sorts of accidents. Occasionally a baby is poisoned by picking them up from the floor and putting them in its mouth, and oftener houses are burned up by stray matches that are ignited nobody knows how. The only proper place to put matches is in a metal box with a self-closing lid. The one represented in cut is of metal, and the lid closes by its own weight.

A Polishing Iron

Many housewives wonder why they can not give to shirt collars, bosoms, and cuffs the tine glossy surface that the laundress puts on. This polish is due not so much to any preparation of the starch as vigorous rubbing with an iron made for the purpose and shaped like the one in the cut. It is somewhat like a common flat-iron, but has no sharp corners or edges, and has a brightly-polished steel face. After the bosom or collar has been starched and ironed a damp cloth is passed over them and then the polisher is applied, bearing on hard and rubbing the surface rapidly.

Window Hook

- It is often difficult to find or contrive a hook on which to fasten the bird-cage or a hanging basket, which needs to be hung opposite the center of a window, without marring the casing. The cut represents a neat hook which is perfectly adapted to the purpose. The two upper arms end in rings through which screws pass into the upper edge of the window casing, while the end of the third arm simply rests against the front of the casing. It is firm enough to sustain any ordinary weight.

A Blower Rack

One of the most difficult things to dispose of, after it has served its purpose in kindling a tire, is the "blower." It is too hot to come in contact with carpet or floor or wood work, too hot to hang up, and in fact too hot to dispose of in any way. Just here a happy thought has struck some ingenious fellow, and the rack represented here comes to the front. The difficulty is solved, and there is a place to put the blower after its work is done. Like many other good things it is so simple that everybody wonders why it was never made before.