One boiler for clothes, holding six gallons, with copper bottom or all copper. One milk strainer. One bread-pan, holding five or six quarts. One deep pan, for preserving and canning fruits. One six-quart pan. One four-quart pan. Two two-quart pans. Two one-quart pans. Two dish pans.

Two two-quart covered tin pails. One four-quart covered tin pail. Two tin-lined sauce pans with covers, holding four quarts each, for boiling potatoes, cabbages, etc. Four cups with handles. Two pintmolds, for rice, blanc-mange, etc. Four half-pint molds. One skimmer with handle. Two dippers of different size. Two funnels, one for jugs and one for cruets. One quart measure. One pint measure. Half-pint messure. One gill measure. If possible, get these measures broad and low, instead of high and slender, as they are much more easily kept clean. Three scoops of different size. Four bread-pans for baking. The smallest make the best-sized loaves, and will do for cake also. Four jelly-cake pans. Four round and two long pie-pans. One l 1/2 inch deep for custard and cocoa-nut pies. One coffee-pot. One tea-pot. One colander. One large bread-grater. One small nutmeg-grater. One wire-sieve.

One hand sieve (quart measure). One frying-basket. One egg-beater. One spice-box. One pepper-box. One cayenne pepper-box. One pepper-box for salt. One biscuit-cutter. One potato-cutter. One dozen muffin-rings. One soap-shaker. One tea-kettle with copper bottom or all copper. One wire spoon. One tea-cannister. One toasting-rack.