Tomato Sauce

Stew ten tomatoes with three cloves, and pepper and salt, for fifteen minutes (some add a sliced onion and sprig of parsley), strain through a sieve, put on the stove in a saucepan in which a lump of butter the size of an egg and level table-spoon flour have been well mixed and cooked; stir all until smooth and serve. Canned tomatoes may be used as a substitute.

Prepared Mustard

Take three tea-spoons ground mustard, one of flour (two if the mustard seems very strong), half tea-spoon of sugar; pour boiling water on these and mix into a smooth, thick paste; when cold add vinegar enough to make ready for use, and serve with salt This resembles the French mustard. - Mrs. Mcvry Herbert Huntington.

How To Prepare Horse-radish For Winter

In the fall, mix the quantity wanted in the following proportions: A coffee-cup of grated horse-radish, two table-spoons white sugar, half tea-spoon salt, and a pint and a half cold vinegar; bottle and seal. To make horse-radish sauce, take two table-spoons of the above, add one dessert-spoon olive oil (or melted butter or cream), and one of prepared mustard. - From a Southern housekeeper.

Shrimp Sauce

Skin a tumbler of shrimps, boil skins in a tumbler of water; strain this water in two-thirds tumbler butter previously rubbed into a heaped table-spoon flour, simmer a few minutes, add shrimps finely chopped, let stew until done. Little cooking is needed; salt, pepper and catsup to taste. A good fish sauce.

Walnut Catsup

Take forty black walnuts that you can stick a pin through, mash and put them in a gallon of vinegar, boil it down to three quarts and strain; add a few cloves of garlic or onions, with any spice liked, and salt. When cool, bottle. Have good corks. - Mrs. A. G.

Pepper Vinegar

Fill a quart bottle with small peppers, green or ripe, put in two table-spoons of sugar, and fill with good cider vinegar. Good to eat with fish or meat, and invaluable in seasoning sauces. - Mrs. S. T.