Boiled Turkey

Wash the turkey thoroughly and rub salt through it; fill it with a dressing of bread and butter, moistened with milk and seasoned with sage, salt and pepper, and mixed with a pint of raw oysters; tie the legs and wings close to the body, place in salted boiling, water with the breast downward, skim often, boil about two hours,.

But not till the skin breaks; serve with ovster-sauce

Mrs. E. L. F., New York City.

English Roast Turkey

Kill several days before cooking, prepare in the usual manner, stuff with bread-crumbs (not using the crusts) rubbed fine, moistened with butter and two eggs, seasoned with salt, pepper, parsley, sage, thyme or sweet marjoram; sew up, skewer, and place to roast in a rack within a dripping-pan; spread with bits of butter, turn and baste frequently with butter, pepper, salt and water; a few minutes before it is done glaze with the white of an egg; dish the turkey, pour off most of the fat, add the chopped giblets and the water in which they were boiled, thicken with flour and butter rubbed together, stir in the dripping-pan, let boil thoroughly and serve in a gravy-boat. Garnish with fried oysters, and serve with celery-sauce and stewed gooseberries. Choose a turkey weighing from eight to ten pounds. If it becomes too brown, cover with buttered paper. - Mrs. C. T. Carson.

Meat Jelly For Boned Turkey

Take oil from the water (when cold) in which turkey was boiled, strain into a porcelain kettle, add two ounces gelatine, three eggs, with shells, a wine-glass sherry or madeira; stir well. Add one quart strained liquor, beat rapidly with an egg-beater, put on fire, and stir till boils; simmer ten or fifteen minutes, sprinkle with a pinch of turmeric, and strain as other jelly; when cold, break up and place over and around turkey. Cut in thick slices and fanciful shapes with paste-cutter. - Mrs. S. T, A, Va.