Diced Turnips

Pare, slice, cut in dice an inch square, boil till nearly done, in as little water as possible; to one quart of turnips, add one table-spoon sugar, salt to make it palatable; when they are boiled as dry as possible, add two or three spoons of cream and a beaten egg, and serve. Excellent.


Wash, peel, cut in thin slices across the grain, and place in kettle in as little water as possible; boil from half to three-quarters of an hour or until you can easily pierce them with a fork; drain well, reason with salt, pepper and butter, mash fine and place on stove, stirring frequently until water is all dried out. Do not boil too long, as they are much sweeter when cooked quickly. Turnips may be steamed and finished as above, and are better than when boiled. They may also be sliced and baked.

Tip-top Pudding, Or Vegetable Pudding

Boil a firm, white cabbage fifteen minutes, changing water then for more from the boiling tea-kettle; when tender, drain and set aside till perfectly cold; chop fine, add two beaten eggs, a tablespoon of butter, three of very rich milk or cream, pepper and salt. Stir all well together, and bake in a buttered pudding-dish until brown; serve hot. This dish is digestible and palatable, much resembling cauliflowers. - "Aunt Dinah."