Charcoal laid flat while cold on a burn, cause the pain to abate immediately; by leaving it on for an hour the burn seems almost healed when the wound is superficial. Tainted meat surrounded with it, is sweetened. Strewn over heaps of decomposed pelts, or over dead animals, charcoal prevents any unpleasant odor. Foul water is purified by it. It is a great disinfectant, and sweetens offensive air if placed in shallow trays around apartments. It is so very porous that it absorbs and condenses gasses rapidly. One cubic inch of fresh charcoal will absorb one hundred inches of gaseous ammonia. Charcoal forms an excellent poultice for malignant wounds and sores. In cases of what is called proud flesh it is invaluable. It gives no disagreeable odor, corrodes no metal, hurts no texture, injures no color, is a simple and safe sweetener and disinfectant. A teaspoonful of charcoal, in half a glass of water, often relieves a sick headache. It absorbs the gases and relieves the distended stomach pressing against the nerves, which extend from the stomach to the head. It often relieves constipation, pain or heart disease.