Veal Soup

To about three pounds of a well-broken joint of veal, add four quarts water, and set it over to boil; prepare one-fourth pound macaroni by boiling it in a dish by itself with enough water to cover it; add a little butter when the macaroni is tender, strain the soup and season to taste with salt and pepper, then add the macaroni with the water in which it was boiled; onions or celery may be added for flavoring. - Mrs. E. M. Nixon, New Castle,

Bread-dice For Soups

Take slices of stale bread, cut in small squares, throw in hot lard and fry till brown, skim out, drain, and put in the soup-tureen before serving the soup. Crackers crisped in the oven are nice to serve with oyster soup. - Mrs. V. G. H.

Caramel For Soups

For caramel, put one tea-cup sugar and two tea-spoons water in a sauce-pan over the fire, stir constantly till it is a dark color, then add a half tea-cup water and a pinch of salt, let boil for a few moments, take off, and when cold bottle.

To brown flour, put one pint in a sauce-pan on the stove, and when it begins to color, stir constantly till it is a dark brown, being careful that it does not burn. When cold put away in a tin can or jar covered closely, and keep in a dry place where it is always ready for soups or gravies. As it requires more of this for thickening than of unbrowned flour, it may be well sometimes to take half of each.

A few cloves may be stuck in the meat for soup; or it may first be fried in a sauce-pan with a little butter, turning till brown on all sides; or sliced onions may be fried brown and added to soup.

Turtle Soup

Boil a turtle very tender in five quarts of water, remove bones, cut meat into small pieces; season with a table-spoon each of marjoram, sweet basil, thyme and parsley, salt and pepper to taste, one nutmeg beaten fine, a dozen cloves, same of allspice. Tie these in muslin, remove before sending soup to table. Stir a large tablespoon of browned flour into a quarter pound of fresh butter, add to soup. Should be three quarts of soup. Fifteen minutes before serving add the green fat, then add half a pint of wine, a sliced lemon, seeds removed, also force-meat balls; simmer five minutes, take out lemon-peel, and serve. This is for a small turtle. Add a slice of good ham if turtle is not fat.

Soup From Stock

To make soup from any stock, put on as much stock as needed (if in jelly, scrape the sediment from off the bottom), add seasoning, water and vegetables. The potatoes should be peeled, sliced, and laid in salt and water for half an hour, the cabbage parboiled and drained, and all others either sliced or cut fine, before adding them to the soup; boil until thoroughly dissolved, strain through a colander and serve at once.

Fried Asparagus

Blanch the asparagus a couple of minutes, and then drain it; dip each piece in batter and fry it in hot fat. When done, sprinkle with salt and serve hot. This is nice and easy to prepare.