Velvet Sponge Cake

Two cups sugar, six eggs leaving out the whites of three, one cup boiling hot water, two and one half cups flour, one table-spoon baking-powder in the flour; beat the yolks a little, add the sugar and beat fifteen minutes; add the three beaten whites, and the cup of boiling water just before the flour; flavor with a tea-spoon lemon extract and bake in three layers, putting between them icing made by adding to the three whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth, six dessert-spoons of pulverized sugar to each egg, and lemon to flavor. - Mrs. Wm. Brown, Massillon.

Vanity Cake

One and a half cups sugar, half cup butter, half cup sweet milk,, one and a half cups flour, half cup corn starch, tea-spoon baking-powder, whites of six eggs; bake in two cakes, putting frosting between and on top. - Olivia S. Hinman, Battle Creek,

White Mountain Cake

Two cups pulverized sugar, half cup butter beaten to a cream; add half cup sweet milk, two and a half cups flour, two and a half tea-spoons baking-powder in the flour, whites of eight eggs; bake in jelly-tins and put together with icing made by boiling a half teacup of water and three tea-cups sugar till thick; pour it slowly over the well-beaten whites of three eggs, and beat all together till cool Beat before putting on each layer.

Sprinkle each layer thickly with grated cocoa-nut, and a handsome cocoa-nut cake will result. - Mrs. Dr. Stall, Union City, Ind