- Vienna lime and alcohol give a beautiful polish to iron or steel. Select the soft pieces of lime, such as will be easily crushed by the thumb and finger, as they are the most free from gritty particles. Apply with a cork, piece of soft pine wood, leather, chamois, etc.

Hot Alum-water is the best insect-destroyer known. Put the alum into hot water, and let it boil till it is all dissolved; then apply the solution hot with a brush to all cracks, closets, bedsteads, and other places where any insects are found. Ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, and creeping things are killed by it, while it has no danger of poisoning.

To Prevent Rusting of Tin, rub fresh lard over every part of the dish, and then put in a hot oven and heat it thoroughly. Thus treated, any tinware may be used in water constantly, and remain bright and free from rust. To clean tin or other metallic vessels which have held petroleum - hot soap and water.

Cabbage "Water. - Be careful that no cabbage water is poured down the kitchen-sink, as the smell of it - a singularly unpleasant one - is so strong that it will penetrate all over the house, and produce the suspicion of a bad drain. The water in which any vegetable has been boiled, should be thrown away out of doors, in a distant corner of the garden, if possible.

Pulverized Charcoal - should be kept in every house in a glass jar, with a wide mouth, containing a half pint. The coal should be freshly burned - the best is not from the hardest or the softest wood, but a medium - pulverized finely in a mortar while the coals are yet red. * Cork tight; it is invaluable in preserving meats and poultry, and is sometimes even given as a remedy .for indigestion.

The Smell of Onions and other odors can be removed from kettles and sauce-pans. Put some wood ashes into the utensil, add boiling water, and let it stand a short time on the back part of the stove. Or, if you have no wood-ashes, use potash, soda, or concentrated lye with water, then wash in hot suds. All cooking utensils in which onions, cabbage, or turnips have been cooked should be thus cleansed.

Boiled Potatoes, to be at their best, should be served immediately when done, but if the "men folks" are late to dinner, take them up the moment they are done, wrap closely in a towel or cloth and lay them in the heater or some warm place, and they will suffer only a little damage. When baked or roasted potatoes are done, place in a cloth, and squeeze gently between the hands and serve. They will be the mealier for it. If not ready to serve, roll in cloth and keep warm until wanted.