- In washing dishes, in addition to directions given in "Dining Room," care must be taken not to put tumblers which have had milk in them into hot water, as it drives the milk into the glass, whence it can never be removed. They should be first rinsed well in tepid water. Tumblers and goblets should be placed in hot soapy water, dipping the sides first, and turning them rapidly, thus heating the outside and inside at the same time and preventing breaking; when wiped, they should not be turned down until put away in a china closet.

To Keep Table Cloths Clean - for a long time. After clearing the table, place a clean towel under any spots that may have been made during dinner, and rub the spot with a fresh clean cloth wet with clean soap-suds, then rinse with clean water, dry with a clean dry towel, fold and lay under a heavy weight. In changing table cloths during the week, contrive to bring the fresh table cloth on first at dinner. Place a large napkin over each end of table cloth, to protect it from soiling in the process of serving the plates, removing when the crumbs are brushed.