Whipped Cream

Place cream over ice until thoroughly chilled, and whip with an egg-beater or whip-churn until it froths. While whipping place froth on a sieve, and return to bowl to be re-whipped all that passes through. When cream is difficult to whip, add to it and beat with it the white of an egg. Sweetened and flavored this is a choice dessert alone, but it may be served in various ways. Baked apples, and fresh or preserved berries are delicious with it. Jelly-glasses, one-third full of jelly and filled up with cream, make a very wholesome and delicious dessert.

Whipped Cream

One and one-half pints good rich cream sweetened and flavored to taste, three tea-spoons vanilla; whip to a stiff froth. Dissolve three-fourths ounce best gelatine in a small tea-cup hot water, and when cool pour into the cream; stir thoroughly, pour in molds and set on ice, or in very cool place. - Mrs. Emma Craig, Washington, D. C.

Apple Custard

One pint of mashed stewed apples, one pint sweet milk, four eggs, one cup sugar and a little nutmeg; bake slowly. - Mrs. G. W. Hensel, Quarryville Pa.

Apple Snow

Pare, core and bring to boil in as little water as possible six tart apple cool, strain, beat well, and add the well-whipped whites of three eggs, sweeten to taste, beat well until a dish of snow is the result, flavor with lemon or manilla, or add the grated rind of a lemon; serve with sweetened cream. Or, make custard of yolks, sugar, and a pint milk, place in a dish, and drop the froth on it in large flakes. - Mrs. T. J. Buxton, Minneapolis, Minn.

Chocolate Blanc-mange

Half box gelatine, soaked till dissolved in as much cold water as will cover it, four ounces sweet chocolate grated, one quart sweet milk, one cup sugar; boil milk, sugar and chocolate five minutes, add gelatine, and boil five minutes more, stirring constantly; flavor with vanilla, put in molds to cool and eat with cream. If wanted for tea. make in the morning; if for dinner, the night before. For a plain blanc-mange omit the chocolate. - Mrs. Dr. Houston, Urbana.

Raspberry Blanc-mange

Stew nice fresh raspberries, strain off the juice and sweeten it to taste, place over the fire, and when it boils stir in corn starch wet in cold water, allowing two table-spoons of corn starch for each pint of juice; continue stirring until sufficiently cooked, pour into molds wet in cold water and set away to cool; eat with cream and sugar. Other fruit can be used instead of raspberries. - Mrs. J. P. Ilea, Minneapolis, Minn.

Boiled Custard

One quart milk, two table-spoons corn starch, two eggs, one-fourth' tea-spoon salt, butter size of a hickory-nut; wet the starch in a little of the milk, heat the remainder to near boiling, in a tin pail set in a pot of boiling water. The proper heat will be indicated by a froth -or film rising to the top; add the starch till it thickens, stirring constantly, then add the eggs well-beaten with four table-spoons of sugar, let it cook, stirring briskly, take off and beat well; flavor; served with grated cocoa-nut it is elegant.