Children do not "whoop" for two or three weeks after taking this disease. The most reliable symptoms are, eyes red and watery when they cough, and the cough clinging to the patient with a firm grasp. It lasts from six weeks to three months, according to season when taken, and can be given during the first two months. It is not carried in clothes, but when a child gets the breath of a whooping-cough patient then he will take it. Some of the remedies are, to give drinks of water as hot as they can be taken, in the evening and with first symptoms of a coughing spell - this makes the cough easier; another is, to take scant tea-cup whole flax-seed, wash it thoroughly, add one lemon sliced and quart of water, simmer gently two hours, add two table-spoons of honey, then strain when hot. It should be like thick molasses; if too thick, add water. Give one table-spoonful four times a day, and one after each severe fit of coughing. (This is also good for an ordinary cold and cough.) The system of the patient needs to be built up, and for that purpose give two oil-baths a week; also good, nourishing food, such as Graham or oatmeal mush, coarse bread, milk, etc.; and keep child outdoors as much as possible, using great care no cold is taken. Some, when the breathing is very bad, put a hot mustard and oatmeal poultice on the chest. In cities, a daily visit to the gas works has been said to abate the violence of the disease.