Mariana - Portuguese and Spanish variants. Tennyson has immortalised this form in his two poems, " Mariana " and " Mariana in the South"; "Mariana in the' Moated Grange," in " Measure for Measure," the betrothed of Angelo, found favour with Shakespeare's pen.

Marica - Illyrian form of Mary.

Marica (Latin) - " Water nymph."

Marie - French, German, and Bavarian form of Mary.

Marion and Marionette - French derivatives; Marion also Scottish.

Mariquita (Hebrew) - "Bitter." Portuguese diminutive of Maria.

Marpesia (Greek) - " Strength." This was the name borne by a celebrated queen of the Amazons, who distinguished herself by waging a victorious war against the inhabitants of Mount Caucasus.

Marpessa (Greek) - " Dearly loved."

Marta - " Becoming bitter." Italian and Bohemian form of Mary.

Martha - Same meaning as above. This form is used in England, Hungary, and Portugal; and has become a synonym for an energetic, busy housewife, in reference to the Gospel Martha, the sister of Lazarus and Mary, of whom we read she " was cumbered about much serving " (Luke x. 40).

Marthe and Marthon - French forms of above.

Martina (Latin) - "Of Mars," or "brave and warlike." Martina was a young Roman maiden who suffered martyrdom under the Emperor Decius, and in her memory maidenhair (the plant sacred to her) has ever since been planted by many a Roman fountain. Martin and Martyn are the masculine forms.

Mary (Hebrew) - " Bitter." English form of the name.

Mathilda (Teutonic) - " Mighty battle-maid."

Mathilde - German variant.

Matilda - English and Italian form, in which the "h" is dropped.

Matilde - French derivative.

Mattea (Hebrew) - " Gift of the Lord." This is the Italian feminine of our familiar Matthew and Matthias.

Matty - Diminutive both of Matilda and Mary.

Matuta (Latin) - "Bright as morning," or " dawn."

Maude - English contraction of Mathilda.

Maun (Hebrew) - "Of Magda." English contraction.

Maura (Latin) - "Dark." Derived from the Greek auaupos (amauros), which, from its original meaning of " twilight," or " dim," came to mean simply "dark," or " black." Popular in Italy and France.

Maureen - Irish diminutive of Mary.

Mave (Celtic) - " Mirth." Allied to Meabdbh, and Meave.

Mavia - Russian variant of Maura. See above.

Maxine (Latin) - " Greatest."

Mawdwen {Welsh) - " Mannerly."

May - Popular English contraction of Mary. Often used baptismally in this form, then probably in reference to the hawthorn bloom.

Meehtild - Bavarian form of Matilda.

Mede (French) - " My joy," or " my delight."

Medea (Greek) - "Cunning" or "wise-planned one." This celebrated sorceress was the daughter of Aeetes, King of Colchis, and beloved by Jason the Argonaut. She assisted her lover to obtain the Golden Fleece, enabling him to overcome all enemies and obstacles by her wonderful knowledge of herbs, enchantments, and incantations, which subdued them. She fled to Greece with Jason, and when her brother, Absyrtus, pursued them, she seized and killed him, strewing his limbs upon the sea, that the pair might make good their escape while Aeetes stayed to collect the mangled limbs of his son.

Medina (Latin) - " Economy." From " medium."