Required : Four small quails. Half a pint of brown stock.

One wineglassfui of sherry. A small bunch of thyme and parsley. A bay-leaf. Aspic jelly.

Half a small carrot, turnip, and onion. For the stuffing:

Half a pound of calf's liver.

Quarter of a pound of bacon.

A bunch of parsley and herbs.

One onion.

One small carrot. Salt, pepper, nutmeg.

Cut the bacon into small dice, also the carrot, onion, and liver. Put the bacon in a stewpan, and cook it for a few minutes, then add the liver, herbs, and vegetables. Cook them for about ten minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. When all are cooked, pound them in a mortar, then rub the pounded mixture through a sieve.

Next carefully bone the quails - that is, take out all bones except the leg bone. Stuff each bird with the stuffing. Wrap each bird up in a piece of buttered paper and lay in a stewpan with the stock, herbs, onion, carrot, and turnip; put in also the bones of the birds and the sherry. Cook steadily for half an hour. Take out the birds, put them on a plate, with a second plate over them; on this place weights, and leave until cold.

Meanwhile, strain the stock in which the birds were cooked. Skim well, removing all fat; then boil it with the lid off the pan until it is reduced to a glaze. Brush each bird over with this, and let it set, then give each a second coat. When this is set brush them over with a little melted aspic jelly. Put a little, chopped, in four quail cases, place a bird in each, and arrange chopped aspic round.