Required : Three ounces of rice. One and a half pints of milk. About a pound of cherries. One gill of cream. Castor sugar. (Sufficient for six.)

Put the milk on to boil; wash, and add to it the rice. Simmer these very slowly, until the rice is a thick, soft creamy mass.

Keep the pan covered, so that evaporation is prevented, and stir the mixture well.

Stew the cherries, after washing and stalking them, in about half a pint of water and three ounces of sugar.

When these are soft, turn them into a pie-dish or a glass dish. keeping out some for decoration. Sweeten the cooked rice, and when it is cold heap it up over the fruit.

Whip, sweeten, and flavour the cream, and spread it all over the rice.

Put a ring of cherries round the edge of the dish, and it is ready to serve.

Cost, about 1S. 4d.