A Dainty Summer Cover - The Best Material for Winter Use - Correct Measurements

A perambulator or baby-carriage cover for summer use affords wide scope for dainty needlework, or, if the time forbids such embellishment, plain or spotted muslin, made up over pale blue or pink sateen, is quickly adapted to the purpose.

A novel and pretty cover is one of hemstitched linen, with pink and white daisies in embroidery scattered over it, as though they had been thrown down by the child. For such a cover seven-eighths of a yard of 36-inch linen will be required. The daisies can either be worked in satin-stitch, with a fine washing thread resembling filoselle silk, or they can be done in bird's-eye stitch, which is a far quicker method. With this latter each petal consists of one chain-stitch commenced in the centre of the flower, and caught down at the tip of the petal. The centres should be formed of French knots in yellow thread, and the stalks in stem-stitch with green.

Another very effective way of making a summer cover is to use white linen, and let in a row of embroidery beading a little way from the edge. Through this run a blue or pink satin ribbon.

A similar idea can be carried out in serge for winter, using either a white flannel or a Japanese silk embroidery beading.

For winter, perhaps the best material to use is a good, thick, white serge, as it will wash well if not lined. It should have a 2-inch-wide hem, stitched with silk by machine. The correct measurements are about 32 inches by 25 inches, so that it will take seven-eighths of a yard of serge. The hem should be turned over and finished with Prussian binding, and looks well with two rows of the machine-stitching.

The baby's monogram should be worked in the centre in silk, over the cardboard initials that can be bought at any fancy-work shop, but if made for a bazaar, this, of course, could not be done, unless an order had previously been given for it. In place of the monogram, work a conventional design in the form of a circle, in the centre of which the purchaser could, if she wished, work an initial afterwards.