Required: Four eggs. One shallot. Four olives.

Two tablespoonfuls of sherry. One ounce of butter. Salt and pepper. One clove of garlic, if liked. Finely chop the shallot, and the garlic also, if the latter is used. Heat the butter, in an omelet pan and fry the shallot and garlic till they are a very pale brown. When they are nearly coloured enough, add the olives, stoned, and cut into small dice.

Beat the eggs lightly, add the sherry and seasoning to them, and while the butter used for frying is still very hot, pour the beaten egg into the pan on to the shallot, etc. Stir, the mixture with a spoon or a fork over a quick fire till the eggs begin to set, then tip up the pan and collect the mass to the handle side of the pan, shaping it into an oval form. Lightly colour the upper side, either by rolling the omelet over and frying it, or by holding it close to a clear fire, after which it is ready to be served quickly on a hot dish.

A little hot Espagnole sauce is sometimes poured around this variety of omelet. Cost, 8d.