A Lamp-shade - Table-centre - Cushion-cover - Handkerchief Sachet - Nightdress Case, etc.- Attractive Novelties for Bazaars and Gifts at a very Small Expense - Simplicity in the Making Up of the Articles

Silk handkerchiefs can be adapted to some very pretty and original purposes with but little trouble and expense. These are points that appeal strongly to people when working for a bazaar stall.

What is required is a handkerchief, in most cases of large size, of silk, or, what are also very effective, of mercerised lawn in white or any colour. The lawn handkerchiefs are much cheaper than those of silk, costing only from 4 1/2d. each.

Those used for the articles here illustrated are of good quality silk with hemstitched borders, such as are usually sold for gentlemen's pocket - handkerchiefs, at about 2s. each. These can also be bought in all colours. A great advantage in the making up of these articles is that, having all the hems already hemstitched, there is very little to be done in the way of making up. Having decided upon the article to be made, its decoration must be considered. Equally good effects can be secured by painting or embroidery, those illustrated being painted in water-colours; but, again, if neither of these processes are desired, very good results can be obtained by using handkerchiefs with coloured borders.

A lamp shade made from a silk handkerchief, twenty two inches square. La

A lamp-shade made from a silk handkerchief, twenty-two inches square. La

France roses, with their foliage, are stencilled on the silk. A border of twisted thorn- stems is carried round the hem

A Table-centre

For a table-centre there is practically nothing to be done in the way of making up, so that it is complete, with the exception of the ornamentation.

The designs selected for one such table-centre were dainty little old-world figures in the Kate Greenaway style, dressed in frocks and smocks in soft-toned hues of lavenders, pinks, and blues. These quaint little figures were effectively grouped in each corner, and a delicate and complete finish to the whole was a lace edging of a fine Valenciennes make round the border of the hem.

For the nightdress sachet here shown a silk handkerchief is used, simply turned down at one end to form a flap about seven inches deep

For the nightdress sachet here shown a silk handkerchief is used, simply turned down at one end to form a flap about seven inches deep. On this a floral design may be painted or embroidered in fine silks. The silk is then sewn round three sides to sateen, thus forming a bag in which to place the nightdress

It may be mentioned that such painted handkerchiefs, even if of white or a delicate colour, will clean perfectly time after time, one well-known cleaning firm charging 3d., or, if made up into a cushion-cover, 6d. each.

A Lamp-shade

For a lamp-shade a large-sized - about 22-inch square - hemstitched silk handkerchief is again used, a particularly beautiful one being of white silk, upon which is stencilled a design of La France roses and foliage in their natural colours, with a twisted branch of thorn stems as a finish upon the edge of the hem.

To make a lamp-shade, proceed by cutting a round in the exact centre of the handkerchief, which is quickly found by folding the square in four, then, having the centre, cut a round; one of about 4 1/2 inches in diameter is a size to fit an ordinary lamp. A circle could be drawn on the silk with a pencil taken lightly round the edge of an inverted saucer, etc. If the shade is designed to fit a particular lamp, it is as well to ascertain the size required. Having cut out the centre, the edges should then be buttonholed round in embroidery silk of the same shade as the handkerchief, and the sewing part of the shade is finished.

These lamp-shades, which are exceedingly dainty and pretty, look equally well for either an oil lamp (when a very simple wire frame is necessary) or for electric light shades, when just the handkerchief itself is used."

Although the one illustrated is of white silk, equally effective, or even more so, when chosen to harmonise with the colour decoration of a room, are those in colour. For example, what could be prettier than soft rose-pink shades in a room which has a colour scheme of pink; or more restful for a library or study than shades in green with a stencilled or embroidered design of tangerine oranges or apples in their natural colours ? Such a stencil design was presented with Part 9 of Every Woman's Encyclopaaedia. -The simplest of wire frames will be found sufficient for use with an oil lamp. It can quite easily be made at home, or for a very few pence be obtained from any ironmonger. Should the wires show through the silk they should be bound with ribbon of the same shade.

A Cushion-cover

Two handkerchiefs of the large size are used in making a cushion-cover, upon one of which is painted a dragon in gorgeous Eastern colouring. This makes a very hand-some design for a cushion; but, of course, any other design could be selected to suit one's taste, and would be equally suitable. Some beautiful flower and other subjects specially suitable for cushions are obtainable in transfer patterns in great variety.

Having finished the painting or embroidery, turn the handkerchiefs the wrong side, and machine round three sides fairly near the edge; then (if required as a loose cover) upon the fourth side join a small strip of silk, in which the buttonholes should be worked. and the buttons put on the reverse side, so that it is easily slipped on and off; but if it is preferred to make it up, put the cushion in and join up in the usual way. If desired, finish off with a thick silk cord and French knots on the hem.

A Nightdress Case

A pretty and useful nightdress sachet can be made by using one large handkerchief. For this, supposing the handkerchief to measure about 23 inches square, turn over about 8 inches at the top, upon which should be painted or worked the selected design, flowers being especially suitable. Having done this, cut a piece of silk, sateen, or linen 16 inches long by 23 inches wide, and join round three sides, on the wrong side, the nightdress case being then completed. A dainty finish is effected by edging the border with fine lace. Some of the cheap lawn handkerchiefs could be adapted to this purpose, a pattern to harmonise with the colour of the bedspread being chosen.

A Handkerchief Sachet

For this a much smaller handkerchief is used, which should, as in the other examples, first be ornamented, a pretty idea for which is a little spray of violets, roses, sweet-peas, and forget-me-nots in either corner.

Having done this, cut a piece of silk the same size as the handkerchief, and machine round three sides; then turn to the right side, and before joining the fourth side together sprinkle in a little of the best sachet powder, which has the perfume of either of the flower sprays in the corners, after which join the fourth side to the lining.

In the sachet illustrated the silk lining, of a delicate green shade, has been cut three-quarters of an inch larger than the silk handkerchief, the extra width being turned back and neatly hemmed on the right side, thus forming a plain border of green about half an inch in width.

Another pretty sachet was one having little lavender sprigs in the corners, scented with lavender and bound with mauve ribbon; or, if preferred, instead of a ribbon border, French knots look very dainty round the border.

Having done this, stitch together two of the opposite corners, and upon the other two put a piece of ribbon to match the binding or French knots. Then, having tied the ribbons into a bow, the handkerchief sachet is complete.

Other useful and pretty suggestions are workbags, which are so well-known that they do not need description here; and a tablecloth, made by joining four silk handkerchiefs together with a fine Valenciennes insertion, and edging the cloth when joined with the insertion and lace to match, makes an extremely handsome and acceptable gift.

A dainty handkerchief case made from a silk handkerchief, lined with silk of a pale shade. The sprays of flowers can be painted or embroidered

A dainty handkerchief case made from a silk handkerchief, lined with silk of a pale shade. The sprays of flowers can be painted or embroidered