Make a fine baba paste by taking half an ounce of German yeast, placing it in a small basin and working it smooth with a wooden spoon; then stir in a little warm milk and a quarter of a pound of flour, work to a smooth dough, cover the bowl, and place it in a warm place to rise. In another basin place half a pound of flour, two ounces of castor sugar, and a little salt, and beat in four ounces of butter melted, five eggs, and a little milk. Beat well for ten minutes, then add the risen dough, and beat again for another ten minutes, adding gradually half a gill of tepid cream. Well grease a large baking sheet, spread the dough thinly upon it, and set it to rise for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then bake in a moderate oven. Whilst hot, cut into strips two inches wide and dip them in hot syrup two or three times. When cold, ice the top of each strip with chocolate icing and cut into one inch portions. For the syrup, dissolve one pound of sugar in half a pint of water, boil it up and skim it, then boil it to 220 degrees, add one gill of white rum and the juice of a lemon. For the chocolate icing: Melt and boil together one ounce unsweetened chocolate and one gill of water, allow it to cool, then stir in one pound of sieved icing sugar, and stir over a slow fire until the sugar is dissolved, adding a little more water if necessary. Then spread it on the strips of baba.