Required : Eight large mushrooms. Two bloaters. An ounce of butter. A little lemon- juice. Salt and pepper. Eight neat rounds of hot buttered toast.

Peel and carefully look over the mushrooms. Either grill them or fry them in a little butter, and dust each of them with salt and pepper.

Cook the bloaters carefully, either before the fire or in the oven. Then remove from them all skin and bone, and pound the flesh in a mortar, with half an ounce of butter and a dust of pepper.

Have ready some neat rounds of hot buttered toast, spread a layer of the bloater mixture on each, and on this put a mushroom. Squeeze a few drops of lemon-juice over it, and dust with coralline pepper to give it a pretty touch of colour. Put them into the oven till they are quite hot, and then serve them on a lace paper on a hot dish.

Cost, 8d.