Required : Three-quarters of a pound of cold veal. Quarter of a pound of cooked ham or bacon. A little grated lemon-rind. A teaspoonful of chopped parsley. Half a teaspoonful of chopped onion. Salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Two eggs. Tomato sauce. (Sufficient for six.)

Remove all skin and fat from the veal, and pass the lean through a mincing machine with the ham or bacon, using both lean and fat. Add to them the lemon-rind, parsley, and onion. Mix all together, and season the mixture carefully with salt, pepper, and a few grains of nutmeg. Beat up the eggs and bind the mixture with them. Shape it into a neat roll, roll it up in a piece of greased paper, place it in a well-greased bag, and bake it for about half an hour. Turn it on to a hot dish, and pour some good tomato sauce round, or, if preferred, it may be handed separately in a hot sauce tureen.

Cost, about 2S.