Required: Three eggs.

A quarter of a level teaspoonful of salt. A good dust of pepper. Two ounces of grated cheese. One ounce of butter.

Break the eggs into a basin, add the salt and pepper, and well whisk them; then add the cheese.

Wipe the omelet pan, make it hot, put in the butter and let it get very hot. Then pour in the contents of the basin, stirring them well round with a wooden spoon. When the mixture is beginning to set, scrape all towards the handle of the pan, shape it a little with the spoon, and then, in about ten seconds, roll it over to the opposite side of the pan till the outside is set and a pale brown.

Place it on a hot dish, and, if liked, sprinkle over it a little more grated cheese. Serve at once.

Note. - Any cheese may be used, but Parmesan is best, as it has the strongest flavour. It can be bought in bottles ready grated. Cost, 5d.