Required : One pound of puff pastry. Half a pound of cold chicken. Half a pound of cold ham. Half a pint of Bechamel, or white, sauce. Quarter of a teaspoonful of grated lemon-rind. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for about ten patties.)

Roll out the pastry till it is half an inch thick, then stamp it into neat rounds about one and a half inches across. Then with a smaller cutter mark a round on each, cutting halfway through the paste. Put these rounds on a baking-tin, and bake them carefully in a very quick oven. Then, with a pointed knife carefully remove the marked centre, take out all the soft part from the inside of each case. Next prepare the mixture : Cut the ham and chicken into neat, small dice, stir them into the sauce, adding the lemon-rind and salt and pepper to taste. Put a heap of this mixture into each pastry-case, replace the little pastry lids, heat them thoroughly in the oven, and serve.

Cost, about 3s. 8d.