Required : Two pounds of any kind of fruit. One pound of loaf sugar. Half a pint of water. One glass of Marsala. (Sufficient for about ten persons.)

Put the sugar and water into a bright pan. Stand these by the side of the fire until the sugar is dissolved. Then boil the syrup until it forms a slight thread between the finger and thumb when tested. Keep it well skimmed during boiling. Prepare the fruit, lay it in the hot syrup, and either stew it until tender, if unripe, or leave it in the pan by the side of the fire to become well sweetened. If some ripe and some unripe kinds are used, stew the latter before adding the former. When nearly cold, add the wine. The compote can be carried in a wide-mouthed jar with a screw top, similar to those used for bottled fruits.

Cost, from about is. 6d.