Required : About four ounces of scraps of turkey. Two ounces of cooked ham or bacon. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped onion. Three teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. Half a pint of thickened gravy or stock made from the carcase. Two eggs. Breadcrumbs. Salt and pepper. (Sufficient for six.)

Chop the turkey and ham finely, add the parsley, onion, and a good seasoning of salt, pepper, and, if liked, a little nutmeg. Add enough stock or gravy to moisten the mixture, stir it over the fire until it is hot through, then add one beaten egg, and re-cook the mixture for a few minutes.

Next turn it on to a plate, spread it evenly over, mark it into even-sized divisions, and leave it to cool. Flour the hands very slightly, shape the mixture into neat balls, brush them over with beaten egg, then cover them with crumbs.

Have ready a pan of frying fat, and when a faint blue smoke rises from it put in two or three balls at a time, and fry them a golden brown.

Drain them well on paper. Serve them on a lace paper, garnished with fried parsley.

Neat rolls of toasted bacon are an excellent accompaniment to this dish.

Cost, without turkey, 6d.