Required : Eight sardines.

For each sardine allow a thin slice of bacon and a finger-shaped piece of buttered toast.

Half a lemon.

The hard-boiled yolk of one egg. A little coralline pepper. {Sufficient for four.)

Skin the sardines carefully, and cut off the tails. Cut the bacon into neat, thin strips. Roll each sardine in a slice of bacon, squeeze a few drops of lemon-juice on it, and dust very slightly with cayenne.

Place the sardines on the finger-shaped pieces of hot buttered toast, and put them on a baking-tin in the oven till the bacon is a pale brown, which will probably take from eight to ten minutes.

While these are cooking, rub the yolk of the egg through a sieve ; then, just before serving, decorate each sardine with a little of the pretty feathery-looking yolk, and sprinkle over each a little coralline pepper.

Serve them as hot as possible, arranged on a fancy paper.

Cost, Iod.