Required : One and a half pounds of flour. Seven ounces of butter. One and a half gills of milk. Two yolks of eggs. Raw game of any kind. One pound of veal. One pound of pork. Two teaspoonfuls of chopped parsley. Two tablespoonfuls of chopped truffle. Two tablespoonfuls of chopped mushroom. Three-quarters of a pint of stock.

Sieve the flour with a teaspoonful of salt into a basin, melt the butter, and add it to the milk. When these are hot, pour them into the middle of the flour, add the beaten yolks, and knead all into a smooth paste.

Grease a raised pie-mould. Roll out the pastry about one-third of an inch thick, and line the tin with it, pressing it well to the sides. Chop the veal and pork finely, and season them highly with salt, pepper, and grated nutmeg. Put a layer of this force-meat all round inside the paste.

Fill in the centre of the mould with raw game of any kind, a mixture of different kinds is best, such as grouse, partridge, hare, and pheasant. All bones must, of course, first be removed. These bones should be put in a pan with cold water, salt, and a small onion, and be allowed to simmer for about an hour for stock.

In layers with the game put the truffle, parsley, and mushroom. Cover the top with the rest of the forcemeat. Brush the edges of the pastry with a little cold water, put on the lid of pastry, decorate it prettily with leaves of pastry. Brush the top and the leaves with beaten egg. Tie a greased band of paper round the mould to come three or four inches higher than the top of the mould.

Raised Game Pie. A pie of this kind is much appreciated, and is eaten cold

Raised Game Pie. A pie of this kind is much appreciated, and is eaten cold

Bake in a moderate oven from three and a half to four hours. Then take off the mould, let the pie get nearly cold; then remove the centre ornament, add the melted aspic to the rest of the stock, and strain both into the pie. Replace the ornament, and leave the pie until it is quite cold. Cost, from 5s.