The third child of Princess Christian was the favourite granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and, as a young girl, was the close companion of Princess Alix of Hesse, now Empress of Russia, and of Princess Margaret of Connaught, now Crown Princess of Sweden. With all members of the Royal Family, however, Princess Victoria is exceedingly popular; while her kind heart, cheerful disposition, and numberless good and charitable deeds have won for her the regard of humbler folk living in the neighbourhood of Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Park, where she resides with her mother. Princess Victoria is an exceptionally accomplished woman - a talented musician, artist, and author. Her sister, too, Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-holstein, is an excellent musician, a linguist, and an enameller whose work has frequently been exhibited at the Bond Street galleries. Princess Victoria, who is known among members of the Royal Family as Princess "Thora," makes a special hobby of breeding cats. She was born in 1870, and is unmarried.

H.R.H Princess Victoria of Schleswig Holstein J. Russell

H.R.H Princess Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein J. Russell