Required : Three eggs.

A quarter of a teaspoonful of salt. A good dust of pepper.

Enough cooked lean ham to make two table-spoonfuls. One ounce of butter.

Beat up the eggs with the salt and pepper. Chop the ham very finely, and add it to the eggs. Heat the omelet pan, put in the butter, and when it is thoroughly hot, pour in the eggs, etc. Immediately stir it well with a wooden spoon. When it is beginning to set, tip the pan up towards you, scrape all towards the handle of the pan, and shape the mixture a little with the spoon; then in about ten seconds roll it over to the opposite side of the pan, and cook it till the outside is set, and a pale brown.

Place it on a hot dish and serve at once.

The inside should be of a soft, creamy consistency.

N.B. - If the ham seems very salt, add rather less salt to the mixture.

Cost, 6d.