Required: Four gallons of water.

Two large tablespoonfuls of brewers' yeast, or two ounces of compressed yeast. Two and a half ounces of hops. One and a quarter pounds of brown sugar.

Put the hops and water in a large pan, and let them boil for about three-quarters of an hour; then add the sugar, and stir until it has dissolved; next strain the liquid into a large basin, and leave it to cool. When it is just lukewarm stir in the yeast; if compressed yeast is being used, mix it with a little castor sugar until it is liquid. Cover the jar, and let the contents work .for, forty-eight hours. Then skim it carefully, strain it, and pour it either into bottles or a small cask. Cork it securely, in the case of bottles, tying them down with string.

Keep it for five or six days, it is then ready for use.

Cost, 6d.