Required: Half a pint of milk.

Half a teaspoonful of castor sugar. Tunket powder or tablets (in which case the amount required will be given in the directions on the bottle), or half a teaspoonful of rennet. Nutmeg. Make the milk just lukewarm, put it into a glass bowl or dish, add the sugar, and then the junket-powder or rennet.

If the powder is used, mix it first with a little cold milk, or dissolve the tablets as directed.

Allow the mixture to stand perfectly still until set, which probably will take an hour. Then have it carried very steadily to the table, otherwise it separates and quickly becomes curds-and-whey.

Directly the spoon is put in to serve, it begins to separate; but, at any rate, let it be whole when it first appears on the table. A dust of nutmeg over the top gives a nice finish, but this, of course, can be left out if the flavour is not liked. This dish is both nutritious and digestible. Cost, 2d.

N.B.-In Devonshire it is usual to add a dessertspoonful of brandy to the junket if it is wanted particularly nice.