Take a quarter of a pound of ground almonds and six ounces of icing sugar, and mix them well together after you have sieved the sugar through a fine sieve. Add a few-drops of essence of pistachio or vanilla and one white of egg or a little less; mix to a paste, and then turn it on to the slab. Colour it green, work in one and a half ounces of chopped pistachios which have been blanched and dried, form the paste into a roll, then flatten it until it forms a block rather more than an inch square. Brush over with apricot jam masking and roll in chopped pistachios; allow it to stand for some hours, then cut it into one-inch square blocks. This confection can also be made with baked and chopped almonds, using the same proportions, but colouring and flavouring the almond paste with coffee essence.