Required : Half a pound of any cold game.

A quarter of a pound of cooked ham or bacon.

One truffle.

Six mushrooms.

Five or six tablespoonfuls of sauce or thick gravy.

Half a pound of short-crust pastry.

One egg.

Breadcrumbs or vermicelli.

Salt and pepper.

Remove all skin and bone, chop the meat and ham finely, and add the chopped mushrooms and the truffle cut in dice. Add enough of the sauce to moisten, then shape it into little balls about the size of large chestnuts. Roll out the pastry thinly, stamp it into small rounds with a plain cutter, lay a ball of the mixture on each round of pastry. Brush round the edges with a little cold water, fold one half over the other, and press the edges together. When all are made up, brush each over with beaten egg, and cover them either with breadcrumbs or with vermicelli broken small. It is a good plan to coat some with each; the vermicelli looks very pretty, but some people prefer the crumbs, so all would then be satisfied.

Have ready a pan of frying fat, and, when a bluish smoke rises from it, put in some of the rissoles, fry them a golden brown, then drain them on kitchen paper.

Serve them piled up on a lace paper, garnished with fried parsley.

Cost, from 2s. 6d.