Required : Tour eggs. One ounce of butter. One tablespoonful of milk. Four sardines.

One teaspoonful of anchovy essence. A dust of pepper.

Skin and bone the sardines carefully, and cut them into small strips. Break the eggs into a basin, add the milk, with a dust of pepper, and beat them well. Then add the sardines and anchovy essence, and stir them in lightly.

Melt the butter in an omelet pan; when it is hot pour in the mixture, and stir it over the fire till it is just set. Shake the pan gently, and shape the omelet neatly on one side of the pan. Let it brown nicely on the one side, then turn it over to the other side, and when that has also browned, turn it out quickly on a hot dish, and serve it as soon as possible.

If necessary, add a little salt to the egg mixture; but probably this will not be required, as anchovy essence is usually rather salt. Cost, 10d.