Required: Two ounces of semolina. One pint of milk. Two eggs.

Two tablespoonfuls of Demerara sugar. Half a pound of cherries. A little nutmeg.

Stalk and stone the cherries, and place them in a well-buttered pie-dish. Put the milk on to boil, and, when boiling, shake in gradually the semolina, stirring all the time. Cook slowly till it is thick, and the grains of semolina are quite clear. Put half the sugar over the cherries, and the rest with the semolina. When the latter is a little cool, beat up and add the eggs. Pour this mixture over the cherries, and grate a little nutmeg on the top. Bake till a delicate brown in a moderately hot oven.

Any other fruit could be used instead of cherries. Cost, 9d.