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Fricassee Of Turkey

Required: About a pound or more of cold turkey. One pint of Bechamel sauce. The yolks of two eggs. One lemon.

Two tablespoonfuls of cream. • Salt and pepper. Croutons of bread or toast. (Sufficient for four to six.)

Cut the turkey into neat pieces.

Make the Bechamel sauce (see Vol.i, page 652), put in the pieces of turkey, and let them heat through gently. Beat up the yolks, add the cream, stir these into the sauce, let it cook for a few minutes, being careful not to let it boil or it will curdle. Add the strained lemon-juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Arrange the pieces of turkey on a hot dish. Strain the sauce over and garnish the dish with the croutons or neatly cut pieces of toast.

Cost, Is., without the turkey.