Required : Quarter of a pound of loaf sugar. Half a gill of water. Four eggs. Quarter of a pound of Vienna flour. A little grated lemon-rind. For coating the tin :

A little salad oil or melted butter.

One tablespoonful of flour.

One tablespoonful of castor sugar.

Sieve together the tablespoonfuls of flour and sugar. Pour a little salad oil or melted butter into the tin, and let it run all over it; then pour out any there is over.

Next put in the mixed flour and sugar and shake it all over the tin, turning out all that will not stick to the oil. Put the sugar and water in a pan on the fire and let the sugar dissolve, then boil it to a syrup, which should feel quite sticky when pressed between the finger and thumb.

Break the eggs into a basin and whisk them for ten to fifteen minutes. When the syrup is ready, add it gradually to the eggs, beating them all the time. Continue beating for ten minutes after the syrup is beaten in.

Sieve the flour and add it very lightly to the eggs, etc. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, and bake the cake in a moderate oven for about half art hour. For the first fifteen minutes be careful not to open the oven door, for the inrush of air will-cause the cake to fall in the centre, Banging the oven door will have the same effect. When the cake is done, lift it carefully out of the tin and put it on a sieve until it is cold.

Cost, about 7d.