Required: Three-quarters of an ounce of leaf gelatine. The juice of half a lemon. Two and a half ounces of castor sugar.

Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream

Half a pint of thick cream. One pint of strawberries Clear wine or lemon jelly. Pistachio nuts.

Rub the fruit through a hair sieve. Put the gelatine in a clean pan with two table-spoonfuls of hot water, and the juice of the half lemon. Stir these over the fire until the gelatine is melted, then add the sugar, and mix it in. Whip the cream -double cream, if possible-stiffly, mix it lightly into the fruit puree, and strain into them the melted gelatine.

Pour it at once into a mould which has been rinsed out with cold water. If possible have the mould first coated with a little clear wine or lemon jelly, decorated with a few whole straw berries and, if liked, a few strips of angelica, the green making a pretty contrast. Cost, is. 6d. Strawberry Moulds

Required: One and a half pints of milk. One lemon.

Two ounces of castor or loaf sugar. One pound of strawberries. One ounce of leaf gelatine (or half an ounce of Nelson's). Cochineal, if required.

Put the milk and lemon-rind into a pan on the fire, and, when it boils, strain out the rind and add the sugar.

Rub the strawberries through a hair sieve, and add the pulp and juice to the milk. Strain in also the lemon-juice.

Dissolve the gelatine in three or four tablespoonfuls of hot water. To do this, boil it over the fire for a minute or two. If Nelson's gelatine is used, it requires soaking for an hour in cold water.

Rinse out some little moulds with cold water, put in the mixture, and leave till set. Then dip the moulds into warm water, turn out the contents on a glass dish, and serve.

If the mixture is not of a pretty colour, add a drop or so of cochineal.