Required: Three eggs.

One tablespoonful of castor sugar.

A few drops of any flavouring.

A little jam.

Half an ounce of butter.

Break the eggs carefully, putting the yolks into one basin, and the whites into another.

Add the sugar and flavouring to the yolks, and stir till they are a thick froth, and look a much paler colour. Next add a few grains of salt to the whites and whisk them to a very stiff froth.

Melt the butter in the omelet pan, let it get very hot, and brush it all over the pan. Then quickly and lightly put the whisked whites on the yolks and stir them gently but thoroughly in. Stir the mixture as little as possible, pour it into the pan, and place it for about three minutes on the fire. Then put it into the oven for about three minutes more, to just set, and slightly brown the top, or, if.more convenient, hold the pan before a clear fire for a few minutes. Turn the omelet, brown side down, on a piece of sugared paper. Spread it over with a little jam and fold it up. . Serve as quickly as possible on a hot dish.

Cost, 5d.