One of the most beautiful princesses in Europe, the Crown Princess of Roumania is credited with having been the favourite niece of the late King Edward. Eldest daughter of the late Duke of Edinburgh, she was born in October, 1875, at Eastwell Park, before her father succeeded to the throne of Saxe-coburg Gotha, and, as Princess Marie, she spent a great deal of time in this country, where she made many friends. She married the Crown Prince of Roumania when only seventeen years of age, and although she has a daughter in her eighteenth year, still looks very hand-some and youthful. Artistic to a degree, the Crown Princess has caused every room in her palace in the Roumanian capital to be decorated and furnished after her own design. She is very wealthy, the possessor of some magnificent jewels, and extremely fond of horse riding and violin playing.

I he Crown Princess or Roumania H. W. Barnett

The Crown Princess or Roumania H. W. Barnett