Required : The remains of a cold turkey.

Two quarts of white stock, or milk and water in equal proportions One and a half ounces of rice flour. One small onion. One bay-leaf.

A bunch of parsley and herbs. A small blade of mace. Salt and pepper.

Two ounces of macaroni or spaghetti. (Sufficient for six or eight.)

Cut up the remains of the turkey into small pieces and chop the bones. Put meat and bones in a stewpan, add the herbs, tied together, the peeled onion, and the stock, also a little salt and pepper. Put the lid on the pan, and let all simmer gently for about three hours'; then strain off the soup, rinse out the pan, and put it back again. Mix the rice smoothly with a little cold milk, stir it gradually into the soup, let it boil gently for about ten minutes. Have the macaroni 01 spaghetti boiled in salted water until it is just tender, then cut it into short lengths, and put it into the soup. Make it very hot. Set that the soup is nicely flavoured, and serve it in a hot tureen.

Cost, without the turkey, about 6d.