Required: Six eggs.

One tablespoonful of grated cheese. One tablespoonful of milk. One and a half ounces of butter. Three small leeks. Salt and pepper. Wash the leeks very thoroughly, as they are apt to be gritty. Trim off the root end and most of the green part, and cook them in stock or water till they are tender; then drain them well, cut them into thin slices, and keep them hot.

Meanwhile, break the eggs into a basin, beat them slightly, then add to them a good seasoning of salt and pepper, the milk and grated cheese, and beat all well together till they are thoroughly mixed.

Melt the butter in an omelet pan, pour in the mixture, and stir it over the fire until it is just beginning to set. Mix with the leek a little butter and a dust of pepper, place them on one half of the omelet, and fold over the other half.

Place it carefully on a hot dish and serve it at once. Cost, 10d.